Why Birds Are Bad Pets?

We want to be clear from the start that we don’t think birds are bad pets, but this is a popular question that we wanted to address. Birds are popular pets because of their colorful feathers, their ability to mimic human speech and sing beautiful songs. But there are certain behaviors and characteristics that can make them bad pets. This includes biting, creating messes and their long lifespan.

Birds Can Bite

Biting is a common behavioral problem that some bird owners have to deal with. While birds are not naturally aggressive, they have been known to bite their owners. If your bird feels threatened they can bite to send a warning message. Their bites can cause injuries like bleeding or removing a part of your skin. Almost all bird owners have been bitten at some point by their birds and that can make people think that they’re bad pets.

Birds Create a Huge Mess

Birds are very messy pets, mostly when it comes to eating. When kept inside a birdcage they will create a huge mess inside and even outside around their birdcage. The food or treats given to them will usually be lying all around the floor of their cage. Bird owners will need to clean their cages regularly but also the floors around the cage. The messes they create, makes birds a high maintenance pet and somewhat difficult to care for.

Birds Are Loud

While some birds are known for singing beautiful songs, there are some that only make very loud noises. This is especially true for most Parrot species. They will usually make noises to communicate with other birds. Their noises can be so loud that it can become irritating for you as well as your neighbors.

Birds also tend to make vocal noises during sunrise and sunset or other specific times during the day. If you have children or your family members cannot tolerate the loud noise, birds might not be the best pet for your family.

Birds Need a Lot of Attention  

Birds are wild animals who have been introduced to human homes. Bird owners need to spend a lot of time training and handling them. It’s very important to keep your birds calm and mentally stimulated. Birds tend to form strong bonds with their owners and will usually want several hours of playtime every day. Many bird owners may find it difficult to spend so much time with them. Birds are a bad pet for famalies who have a busy schedule or don’t want to commit that much time.

Birds Can Have Long Lives

Apart from needing a lot of attention, birds can also have very long lives. Some species like Macaws live for up to 80 years in captivity. The long lifespan of some birds makes them a lifetime commitment for bird owners. 

Birds will have to be fed and given regular exercise for as long as they live. Many people will not want a pet for their entire lives. If this is you, then this makes them a bad choice for a pet.

There are a lot of great qualities that many families love about their birds. This article was only meant to give you an idea of the downsides of bird ownership. Birds can really be a lot of fun, especially if you already love birds. But if birds aren’t your thing then there are a ton of other animals that might be better for your family.