Do Ferrets Like to Cuddle?

When asking do ferrets like to cuddle, the short answer is yes, Ferrets do like to cuddle. They are friendly and social pets that like the company of humans and other Ferrets. Ferrets love playing and interacting with their owners and cuddling is one of the many ways they enjoy spending time with you. 

While all Ferrets will enjoy being cuddled to an extent, some may not be as receptive to cuddling as others. Their desire to cuddle can greatly vary between different Ferrets just like other pets like cats or dogs. Some may cuddle only when they feel exhausted while others will enjoy this more and seek your affection. A Ferret owner needs to closely observe their pet to understand how much and when they like to cuddle. 

Why Do Ferrets Cuddle?

Do Ferrets Like to Cuddle? yes, and in this image 2 ferrets are cuddling

Ferrets sleep for most of the day but when they are awake, they are full of energy. After waking up they are very active and like to run around and play a lot. Playing or exercising for a few hours can tire them out. Interacting with their owners or other pets becomes a natural way of getting the relaxation or affection they need. Knowing that you are a warm and safe place for them gives them a huge incentive to come to you and snuggle or cuddle. 

Most Ferrets will enjoy being petted and will let you run your hand on their fur. Cuddling helps them feel calm and relaxed. It’s also a great way to strengthen the bond between you. Cuddling helps them feel better both physiologically and emotionally.

Sometimes cuddling can be a natural behavior caused by other reasons. For example, a Ferret who has been cuddled from a young age is more likely to enjoy being cuddled. They will enjoy being cuddled more often than other Ferrets and may not need a reason to cuddle with you.

How Often Do Ferrets Like to Cuddle?

How cuddly a Ferret gets will depend on their individual personality. The duration of cuddles can also differ between different Ferrets and for many reasons. 

Age can also influence how often a Ferret wants to cuddle. Younger Ferrets are full of energy and may like to move around and play rather than cuddle. Older Ferrets get tired faster and will want to rest sooner than younger ones. As they tire they may want to come to you and cuddle with you.

How To Get Your Ferret to Cuddle?

There are a few things that you can do to get your Ferret to want to cuddle with you. The most important thing is to make your Ferret accustomed to your touch. The stronger your bond, the more receptive they will be to cuddling.

Here is how you can do that:

Let Your Ferret Get Comfortable

When you first take them home, give them enough time to get comfortable in their new home. Many owners make the mistake of snuggling their Ferrets right when they first get them. It’s better to give them some space at first so they can get used to you. Attempting to cuddle with them so quickly can confuse them and create a negative association with you. Avoid cuddling them for a week or two until they become comfortable with you and their new home. 

Play Games

If you want your Ferret to cuddle with you it is important to have them trust you. Playing games and gently interacting with them for a few hours every day can help build a bond with them. These positive interactions will help them become comfortable being around you and can lead to cuddling opportunities in the future. 

Let Them Decide When to Cuddle

Ferrets are full of energy and may not like being cuddled when they are playing or exercising. If you try to cuddle them while they are playing they could get upset. It’s better to let them burn off some of their energy and wait until they tire before you try holding them. If you cut off their play time early it’s unlikely that they will want to be held when they could be playing. Don’t try to force your Ferret to cuddle with you.