CBD Oil For Dogs

What is CBD Oil for Dogs?

CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant (cannabis) and is diluted with a carrier oil to get to the intended concentration. The substance is widely known for its wellness properties in humans to relieve pain, anxiety and inflammation. The good results people have had with it is why CBD oil is being used on dogs as well. Over the years CBD oil has become popular and is used to deal with various problems.

CBD Oil for dogs does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a compound that gives the marijuana plant its psychoactive properties. Because it does not have THC it is widely available and not illegal.

How does CBD Oil for Dogs Work?

The dog’s body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is a complex network of signaling systems. The ECS is responsible for regulating several vital activities like sleep, mood, pain, memory and appetite in your dog. CBD has endocannabinoids that are very similar to ones found naturally in your dog’s body. Using CBD oil affects the signaling system of ECS to stimulate the brain, nervous and immune systems in your dog. CBD oil helps reduce pain, inflammation or deal with mental issues like anxiety.

What are the Benefits of Using CBD Oil For Dogs?

Here are some of the benefits of using CBD Oil in dogs:

Helps with Joint Problems

CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve pain. CBD oil does this for your dog by binding itself to the receptors in the nervous and immune systems. This property helps reduce inflammation and further affects how the brain responds to pain. CBD is being used in helping with joint problems like hip or elbow dysplasia, arthritis, torn ligaments and strains in dogs.

Can Help Treat Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer is a major health issue in some dogs and CBD is believed to have certain properties that help it fight cancer symptoms. While CBD cannot cure cancer, it can be used as a supplementary treatment for dogs undergoing cancer treatment. CBD has in some cases, been found to slow the growth of cancer cells and can be used along with radiation therapy. Apart from this CBD can also ease the pain and reduce inflammation in dogs who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Helping Dogs Deal with Anxiety

CBD oil is being used by dog owners to deal with anxiety in their dogs. While there are prescribed drugs to deal with anxiety, these drugs can have negative side effects. CBD oil for dogs is found to be safer and is widely used by humans to relieve anxiety and depression. The wide use has resulted in CBD oil being used in dogs to deal with issues like fear, separation anxiety, noise phobia and aggression.

Can Help Treat Allergies and Skin Conditions

Skin conditions and allergies can be a major concern for dog owners. Treating these conditions can be stressful. The good thing is CBD oil can be used to treat itchy and dry skin in dogs. The positive results are possible because the endocannabinoid system is found in the dog’s skin as well. CBD can be administered both internally or externally to deal with allergies and skin conditions in your dogs.

Can Help Reduce Seizures and Epilepsy

While seizures occur in a very small percentage of dogs it can be very painful for them. There are antiepileptic drugs that are used to treat epilepsy and seizures but these medications have harmful side effects. They can cause damage to the vital organs of your dog’s liver. CBD on the other hand is considered a much safer compound because of its wellness properties. It can help reduce the frequency and intensity that seizures occur. 

Common Side Effects of CBD Oil for Dogs

There is still not conclusive evidence to suggest that using CBD oil in dogs has any harmful side effects. Still some commonly known side effects of using CBD oil in dogs are listed below:

Dry mouth

Using CBD oil can sometimes reduce the production of saliva in dogs. Dry mouth can make your dogs more thirsty.

Drop in Blood Pressure

A high dosage or overdose of CBD oil can cause in a drop in blood pressure. While the drop will usually be small it can still cause a feeling of light-headedness in your dog.


We have already talked about how CBD can help reduce anxiety in dogs. The calming effect caused by CBD can sometimes cause drowsiness in dogs. 

Can Vets Recommend CBD Oil for dogs?

In the United States, vets are currently not allowed to administer or prescribe CBD oil for dogs. There are also restrictions as to the conversations that a vet can have with a pet owner on the use of CBD oil. 

How to Buy CBD Oil for Dogs?

There are several types of CBD oils available in the market but there are different levels of quality. If you want to use CBD oil for your dogs make sure to purchase a high-quality one. This will improve the chances of getting better results from the product. 

Following things should be considered when buying CBD oil:

  • Only buy organic CBD oil. If the CBD oil is not organic it may contain pesticides, fungicides or solvents that could be harmful to your dog.
  • Look for the method that has been used to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant. Two methods are commonly used – CO2 extraction and Solvent Extraction. CBD oil that has been extracted using the CO2 extraction technique is what you want. It is a superior extraction process and has a higher concentration of CBD.
  • Look for broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD oil. Products marked full or broad spectrum have other cannabinoids (in addition to CBD) that are also beneficial and important.
  • The CBD oil you buy must have a Certificate of Analysis. The certificate discloses the type and amount of CBD in the product. There should be a higher concentration of CBD with zero THC.
  • THC is toxic to dogs and cats. Any CBD oil you buy should have no THC or it could kill your pet.

How to use CBD Oil in Dogs?

When giving your dog CBD, always use oil. There are commercial CBD treats available but these do not give you control over the dosage that you can give to your dog. Before giving CBD read the dosage instructions given on the label. The dosage can vary based on the size and breed of your dog.

Always start with small amounts of CBD so that you monitor the effects it has on your dog. Consult your vet if you find any problems arising from using CBD oil for dogs.

Legality of CBD Oil for Dogs

While many states now allow purchase and use of CBD oil for human use it is currently not legal to use it on pets. At the time that this article was written in spring of 2022 CBD oil is not legal to use on pets in ANY state in the US. It is also worth mentioning that ANY level of THC is toxic for cats and dogs and should not be given to pets under any circumstance.