Are Ferrets Good Pets For Kids?

Many people that love Ferrets wonder if they are good pets for their children. Given that Ferrets are small and very demanding pets, this concern is justified, more so for families with children. The high energy and playfulness of Ferrets can make it difficult for young children to look after them. 

Your children may think their small size and furry appearance is cute but they don’t understand how Ferrets behave. The excitement of children and the high energy of Ferrets can lead to accidents. Your child could be rough with your Ferrets while interacting with them. If mishandled, your Ferrets can become afraid or aggressive and could bite your child. 

Ferrets shouldn’t be the pet of choice for families with children under 6. For older kids, you should consider the following things before getting a Ferret as a pet:

Ferrets can Bite

Ferrets are cute and fun to watch and play with, but they are known to nip and bite. If they get scared or irritated with your children, they could bite them. Children like to hold and cuddle cute and small pets but Ferrets may not enjoy that. While playing with your children, Ferrets could nip them and hurt them. Ferrets may not intend to hurt your children but nipping is very common with Ferrets and unavoidable.

Ferrets Need Out of Cage Playtime

Ferrets need 3 to 4 hours of outside cage playtime every day. They will run around your home and explore everywhere. If you have infants or toddlers at home this can be a cause of concern. If your child doesn’t see your Ferret they may accidentally step on them and possibly get bit in the process. All these factors can make it difficult for kids to look after Ferrets.

Ferrets are Sensitive to High-Pitched Noises

Some Ferrets get scared from high-pitched noises. A scream or a child’s crying may be enough to scare them. Hearing loud noises will make them feel threatened and they may go into attack mode. If the noise is coming from a toy, they could even attack the toy. This can be a problem if you have young children at home.

Ferrets Can Spread Germs

Ferrets can be trained to use a litter box. You can keep litter boxes in their cages and other places inside your home. While it is good to have the Ferrets use the litter boxes, small children could start playing with the litter boxes. It could expose them to germs that can be present in their litter box.