How to Stop a Dog from Digging, Pepper?

Dogs are naturally curious creatures, and many of them would love nothing more than to dig holes in the yard. Unfortunately digging is usually problematic, and this can be a problem for both your dog and your neighbors.

If your dog is digging, it could be because of a variety of issues, ranging from anxiety to anger to a health issue. There are a couple of things you can do using pepper to help stop your dog from digging, and here we’ll share a few tips you can use to help.

Sprinkle Cayenne Pepper

Sprinkling cayenne pepper or chili pepper on your lawn can stop the dog from digging. Your dog’s strong sense of smell will catch the smell of hot pepper that should act as a deterrent. You can sprinkle pepper in areas that your dog usually digs. A good thing about pepper is that it doesn’t cause harm even if ingested or swallowed by your dog. The pepper will only cause slight eye irritation if your dog gets it on their paws and rubs their face. If they ingest the hot pepper they may have more irritation from the heat caused but this is unlikely.

Try to only apply this to areas that seem to be a problem. Areas that your dog likes to dig in should be peppered. After it rains you will want to put another dusting down because the rain will likely dilute or wash away the pepper you already had in place.

Create an Extract

Something that works really well is creating your own extracts. You can use a hot pepper with vodka to make a hot pepper extract. You can put this in a spray bottle and spray down the areas that your dog likes to dig. The extract is a lot more potent than something like cayenne pepper. It’s very likely that once you spray this in an area your dog and any other animals will avoid this area.

Make sure that you have no animals around while you spray this or there is a good chance you will irritate their sinuses from the extract. Your dog’s nose is much more sensitive than yours is. They will smell enough of this in the area hours after you’ve sprayed and get the message not to dig there.

Use a Strong Smell as a Deterrent 

Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons or limes can also be used as a digging deterrent. These have a strong scent and bitter taste that many dogs don’t like. You can cut slices of oranges or lemons and place them around your lawn. 

Vinegar can also be used as a deterrent. Vinegar has a strong smell that dogs don’t like. One thing to watch out for is that vinegar can be harmful to plants. To avoid killing plants, soak a biodegradable coffee filter in white vinegar and let it dry in the sun. Once the filters are dry, cut them into thin strips and place them around your lawn. This should keep your dog from digging and damaging your lawn.

Spray an Oil in Your Lawn

Dogs don’t enjoy the taste or smell of mustard or citronella oil. These can work as an effective repellent to stop the dog from digging. You can mix half a cup of the oil with four cups of water and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the oil in areas you don’t want your dog to dig. You may have to do this for a week to make the dog aware of areas they are supposed to avoid. 

Essential oils made from sour apple, orange and lemon can also be sprayed. If you use essential oils make sure they are food-grade because diffused essential oils have added chemicals that can be harmful.

Create a Designated Digging Spot

Some dogs enjoy digging and just placing deterrents may not be very effective. One of the best ways could be to create designated digging areas in your lawn. The designated digging area can be created by using a sandbox or making a digging spot on your own. Hide your dog’s toys in the digging spot and encourage the dog to dig. Give praise or treats when they dig these areas as it will encourage them to dig in this location. 

Correct the Behavior

Sometimes dogs may start digging because of lack of exercise or being left alone or bordom. Dogs are curious and if they don’t have anything to do, digging is something they may do to pass the time. There can be other reasons also that could encourage digging. Getting to the source of this problem could help eliminate their behavior. Try increasing the time and amount of their play sessions. Playing with them more frequently and giving them more stimulating toys helps keep them stimulated so that digging is not as appealing. More physical activity should tire them down and keep them mentally stimulated that can stop digging.

Positive reinforcement should also be used to redirect their behavior. When you see your dog digging, give them toys or take them to the designated digging spot. Encourage them to dig and play around. Offer them treats and praise when they dig. Doing this a few times should help them learn what behavior they are expected to do and stop digging.