Low Maintenance Pets That Like to Cuddle

Low maintenance pets are ones that don’t need much of your time or attention and tend to remain fairly healthy without much effort. Below is our list of several low maintenance pets that like to cuddle, and are perfect for families with children.

Except for cats and dogs you will find that all other pets listed below need to stay in a cage. It’s one of the reasons that makes them low maintenance.


Dogs are some of the most affectionate pets, but not all dogs are low maintenance. If you want to get a low maintenance dog that cuddles then the best options would be to get a Collie, Labrador, Greyhound or a rescue dog. 


Cats tend to be more independent than dogs. Their independence is what makes them low maintenance. They don’t need a lot of daily exercise and also don’t shed their fur like dogs. 

The only care they need is feeding and grooming which makes them a great low maintenance pet. They are also friendly and love cuddling their owners. 

Just like dogs, not all cats like being cuddled. The most affectionate breeds of cats are Ragdolls, Bombay, Sphynx, Siamese and Peterbald Cats.


Ferrets are small exotic animals that spend most of their time inside their cage and can sleep for up to 18 hours a day. They are nocturnal and mostly active for a few hours during the night. You can expect to find them sleeping inside their cage, on the floor or couch. It makes them a great pet for working people who cannot give a lot of attention to their pets. Give them food and water, toys to play with and that will be enough. Ferrets are also very social, playful and like being cuddled by their owners. 


Rabbits are active animals that don’t need a lot of space. Regular feeding and cleaning are the only things that they need, making a good low maintenance pet. They do need a few hours of outside cage playtime every day. They are social and are very friendly, and look forward to spending time with their owners. They seem to be ready to cuddle whenever you want to.


Hamsters are like Ferrets who sleep for most of the day. They will remain active at night but apart from feeding and cleaning, there is not much attention that they need. They are a great pet for first-time pet owners. They are friendly with humans and enjoy human touch. Handle them gently and they will be happy to cuddle with you. 

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are small pets that enjoy being with their owners. They are very low maintenance which makes them excellent for new pet owners. Guinea Pigs are similar to Hamsters and don’t need too much attention if you are busy. They are good at keeping themselves entertained, but still love their owners’ attention. You can place them on your lap or cuddle them and they will be happy to have your love and attention.