Best Reptile Pets for Beginners

Some of the best reptile pets for beginners are:


Lizards are one of the most common reptiles kept as pets. They come in all sizes ranging from a few inches to 5 feet. Most lizards are difficult to care for but there are a few that beginner owners can keep:

1) Leopard Geckos 

Most Gecko species are difficult to care for, but Leopard Geckos are not. These lizards don’t get very large and can be kept in a small 15-20 gallon tank. They are nocturnal and don’t need a specialized and expensive UVA/UVB light. Leopard Geckos are docile and receptive to human handling. The needs of Geckos make them one of the best reptile pets for beginners.

2) Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons are also good lizards for beginners but need a little more care than Leopard Geckos. This is because Bearded Dragons are larger, measuring up 24 inches and need a 50-gallon tank. They will need a UVB light source. They enjoy handling and generally don’t get aggressive and that is what makes them a good reptile pet for beginners.


Snakes don’t need specialized UV lighting and tend to be friendly. They need to be fed only once a week. A few good snake species for beginners are:

1) Corn Snakes

Corn Snakes are small and will only get up to 5 feet long and can live up to 10 years. They are receptive to handling and will never bite even if they feel threatened. This makes them a great pet for beginners, especially for families with children. The only concern with Corn Snakes is that they are escape artists and always look for opportunities to escape.

2) Ball Pythons

Ball Pythons are docile and easy to care for. They are friendly and are receptive to human handling. They will enjoy being handled a few times a day and that makes them a great reptile to have. Like Corn Snakes, Ball Pythons don’t attack or bite. Only young hatchlings will sometimes bite.

Turtles and Tortoises

Turtles are slow and generally regarded as boring. Some turtles can live 50 to 70 years and that makes them a lifetime commitment. They also need a large enclosure. Some are semi-aquatic, meaning they will need both land and water areas inside their enclosure. These things make most turtles difficult to look after by beginner reptile owners. 

The only turtle that beginner reptile owners can keep are the Eastern Box Turtles. They don’t live long or get very large. They also don’t need aquatic living conditions and can adapt to a variety of climates. These things make them a great turtle for beginners.