How to Get a Kitten to Stop Attacking You?

A kitten biting or attacking you can be painful and frustrating. While you may not realize it, if your kitten is sick, their biting can cause you to get infected with something. There can be several reasons for your kitten to attack you like behavioral or health issues. Identifying the reason is difficult but doing the following things can help stop your kitten from attacking you.

Play With Them

Lack of playtime can be one of the reasons for your kitten attacking you. Give them as much of your attention as you can. Physical activity like playing with them will help wear out some of the energy they have. Give them a toy they can attack like a toy hanging from a string or stuffed animal and let them attack their toys. If the kitten attacks you just redirect their attention to their toy. To do this throw their toy or rub it against their belly. When their toy is moving it should grab their attention and keep them from attacking you.

It is important to rotate the toys your kitten plays with because it will keep them from getting bored. Cardboard boxes, puzzle feeders, play mice or climbing perches are all great toys for kittens. Kittens like to explore new things and these should keep them engaged. Having enough things to play with will give them a constructive way to burn through all their energy.

Walk Away When Your Kitten Gets Rough

Sometimes during playtime your kitten might start becoming aggressive towards you. When they start getting aggressive with you, walk away from them or the area. Avoid picking them up and putting them in another room. Your touch could make them feel it is a reward. If you walk away from your kitten, eventually they will realize that what they were doing was an undesired behavior. Over time this should stop them from becoming aggressive.

Stop Them from Attacking Your Ankle or Feet

Your ankle is the easiest place for your kitten to attack you. Your kitten might suddenly jump at your ankle and start biting it. While this may seem funny or amusing, by not stopping them, it could be seen as a sign for your kitten to continue. To stop them from attacking your ankle or feet, gently push them away when they attack you. Avoid running or pulling away because this could further increase their predatory behavior. Don’t react while the cat is acting or after they stop. This will help them realize that there is no fun in attacking your ankle or feet and hopefully end their attacks.

Set up Deterrent Devices 

If there are spots where your kitten tends to get aggressive with you, set up deterrent devices in that area. Something as simple as a toy placed in these spots can distract them. The toys will hopefully give them something to attack other than you.

If things become serious a leash can be used to control their attacking behavior. When your cat is becoming aggressive, attach the leash to a chair or table. This should keep from getting close and attacking you.

Don’t Punish Your Kitten

While punishment seems to be a great way to stop the kitten from doing an undesired behavior, it can make them afraid of you. Kittens don’t react well to human punishment and it could break your bond with them. Another reason for not punishing them is that there is a delay in your kitten attacking you and you punishing them. This can confuse them and they may not realize what they have been punished for.

Reward Kittens for Good Behavior

Giving positive reinforcement to your kitten for good behavior can help them realize what they are expected to do. If your cat is playing gently with you or cuddling with you, give them treats or praise them. The treat should be given when they are doing the good behavior. Don’t give them treats when they attack or bite you. This will help them learn that attacking is not a good behavior.