Maryna is an animal expert on a number of different types of animals. She hopes to someday open an animal clinic to treat injured and homeless pets. Currently she’s living in Ukraine and making the most of her time contributing to C&R Family Pets.

She currently has a number of cats that she takes care of with her family at her families home. Her favorite is her long time friend that she’s had for over 15 years, Ginger. She’s been through a number of things with her favorite cat over the years. Currently he’s working as an early warning detection system for incoming rockets.

When she’s not writing pet articles for us, she enjoys taking walks in her village and painting. She’s a very talented artist, both with paint as well as with digital graphics. If you’ve seen any of the social media for our website, Maryna has done most if not all of the design work. She’s spent countless hours creating beautiful images for us to use both on the website and social media.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading the articles that she’s written!